“Amazing food, wonderful coffee, great people.” – Cool Moose

So this “carrying a camera around” thing is working great for me so far. TinRoofStacy and I have been going around to our favorite little spots and we’ve been able to bring a little piece of them back home to write about. Maybe some of these spots can be yours too if they aren’t already.

How We Found Them

Today we visited the Cool Moose Café on Park Street in Jacksonville’s riverside area. We stumbled upon this quaint coffee/breakfast/lunch café while Stacy was restocking her shelves at the antique store nearby about a year ago. Since then its become a favorite brunch hangout of ours. We stop by every time she visits her shop. With the bottomless coffee refills and breakfast all day, I don’t need much of a reason. 🙂

Interior Cool Moose Cafe Blog

Why We Find Them Charming

Amazing food, wonderful coffee, great people – this is the motto written on the shirts worn by Cool Moose employees and it couldn’t be more true.  Like most of the places in the Riverside area, the café has a warm and inviting atmosphere. You just feel like you belong and are part of the local crowd. The staff is always accommodating and friendly, as are the visiting patrons.

Dining Room Cool Moose Cafe Blog
Dining patrons, Cool Moose Café

I also love places that have eclectic décor on the walls. Riverside is full of places like this and Cool Moose Café is no exception. Maybe its silly but I find it entertaining to check out the walls while I sip the coffee and chat with the wife. The “dog” board, where patrons bring in photos of their pets, is probably my favorite.

Coffee & Mimosa’s

Let’s talk coffee for a minute. Cool Moose Café serves Green Mountain Roasters coffee and has several varieties out in a “coffee station” on a wall. This might be part of the reason why I feel like I’m at home here. I walk up, grab a mug, find my dark roast and enjoy. The dark roast is fabulous, by the way.

Coffee Station Cool Moose Cafe Blog
The coffee station, hot goodness in a cup. Where dreams are made…

In addition to the coffee at the station, they serve espresso, cappuccino, beers on tap, and mimosa’s. I’ve seen folks drinking the mimosa’s but I’ve never actually tried one myself. If they’re anything like the coffee, it’s probably wonderful. 🙂

Food That Hits The Spot

We are always hungry by the time we get to the café. Normally its lunch time and I’m hankering for an omelet. You can’t go wrong by serving breakfast all day in my book. Stacy prefers the chicken on a bun with fries. They serve a generous amount of food for a reasonable price and I’ve always been satisfied after the meal.  Don’t forget to stop by the dessert case or check the bar for freshly made cookies before you leave!

Lunch Cool Moose Cafe Blog
Get in my belly!

Where They Are Located

Cool Moose Café is located near the corner of King Street and Park Street across from the Walgreen’s (which is on the corner of healthy and happy). You can follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here!

Cool Moose Café
2708 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Have you been to Cool Moose Café? How was your experience? Do you haven any suggestions for places we should visit?

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