Skidaway Island State Park near Savannah is a wonderful place to camp and explore Georgia’s intracoastal marshlands.

“Stacy, let’s camp at Skidaway Island State Park this weekend!” Oh, its going to be below freezing for two nights? In our Coleman RV, no problem! Unless you forget to fill your second propane tank but that’s another story. Insert space heater here.

Skidaway Island State Park Camping
I hope he remembers these sunsets like we do!

We postponed our camping trip several times last year but finally made the journey from Jacksonville, Florida to Savannah, Georgia. One advantage to camping in January is that the mosquitoes and no-see-ums were nowhere to be found. Yeah, we had to deal with the cold but better than going to bed with bug spray on.

Skidaway Island State Park Hiking Trail
Hiking the Sandpiper Trail at Skidaway Island.

Trails and Hikes

Our family spent the weekend hiking the trails around the park. We caught the first sunset on the boardwalk that leads to the observation tower, located on the Big Ferry Trail loop. Naturally, my land navigation skills were in full effect and I took us down the longest way possible to find the boardwalk. But we found it nonetheless.

Family Portrait Skidaway Island State Park Observation Tower
Catching a sunset at the Big Ferry Trail observation tower.

The next afternoon we explored the Sandpiper Loop Trail and Avian Loop Trail and found it to be more photogenic. The trails passes through the marsh, with marsh grasses and coastal trees setting the scene on both sides. The Avian Loop trail leads to a clearing at water’s edge where a large driftwood tree has fallen. It’s the perfect seat to watch a sunrise or sunset.

Portrait Avian Loop Trail Skidaway Island State Park
Driftwood sunset viewing on the Avian Loop Trail.

Tybee Island Beach

The beaches at Tybee Island is how we started our second day. The beach was about 45 minutes from Skidaway Island State Park. Tybee Island has really made efforts to make their beach appealing by adding porch swings at regular intervals.

I was looking for a place to catch part of the Jags game and Fannie’s On The Beach came through. Not to mention they make a great Irish Coffee and live music to boot. All on a Sunday afternoon!

Tybee Island Beach Georgia Seagulls
Hayden chasing seagulls at Tybee Island Beach.

Great Nearby Restaurants

We found a couple of noteworthy restaurants very close to Skidaway Island State Park. Castaway’s is about 5 – 10 minutes away and the food was absolutely amazing. Try the nachos on the appetizer menu, trust me on this. You need these nachos in your life.

Right across the parking lot is Cutter’s Point Coffee. The dark roast coffee is exactly what you need after filling up on Ahi Tuna tacos at Castaway’s.

Our family certainly enjoyed our camping time and highly recommend checking Skidaway Island State Park out for yourself!

Have you visited Skidaway Island? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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